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JaVar Myatt-Jones - Family Physician

JaVar Myatt-Jones is a family physician living and working in Florence, Alabama. His work puts him in contact with many members of his community by allowing him to work with families who come to him because of their trust in his work and his disease prevention teachings. Myatt-Jones is proud to assist his community in living happy, healthy lives and he strives every day to find new ways to impart his lessons of healthy living on all of his patients throughout Florence and beyond. Myatt-Jones completed his residency in family medicine at Saint Joseph’s Hospital as a part of the University of Illinois, Chicago’s residency program.

JaVar Myatt-Jones works with patients of all ages and guides them on the path of healthy living. Myatt-Jones loves being a family physician because he gets to watch families grow and change before his eyes. Family physicians operate in the United States under the primary care discipline, helping patients of all ages prevent and treat disease. Family physicians often work closely with patients within the same family units to ensure that they are set up for success when they go home. Part of Myatt-Jones’ job is to help patients prevent disease themselves with the knowledge that he supplies them at his office.

JaVar Myatt-Jones continues to help families throughout the community of Florence, Alabama get and stay healthy for their whole lives. Myatt-Jones is happy to be the trusted physician for many families with members of all ages for all of their healthcare needs.

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